Ordering Information

Our garden is inspected 3 times per year by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  Shipments are mailed in July and August, subject to outdoor weather conditions. Your orders are sincerely appreciated. 

We guarantee all plants to be true to name as registered with the American Iris Society.  Accidents do occasionally happen and if you receive a plant that is improperly labeled, we will (1) issue you a refund, (2) issue credit on your next order or (3) replace the plant on an order you place the year of the discovery, if it is still offered for sale on this site.  All orders are confirmed promptly by email.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  



In the event that a plant purchased and reserved for you does not develop properly,  please note that when checking out all customers need to choose between the "yes" or "no" option.  If you are willing to accept substitutions,  feel free to contact us (see "contact" tab to the menu on the left on this page) and furnish us a list of acceptable substitutions.   



At the end of our shipping season, surplus rhizomes remain. You choose a price category of iris rhizomes ($50, $75, $100, or more),  we will then ship you a collection of varieties (our choice of varieties) in surplus with a value exceeding three times the retail value.

The shipping charges for surprise packages is 10% of the value of the surprise package ordered, plus $9 handling fee as well as .0975% sales tax for Tennessee residents.   

Example: if you order an $80 surprise package, you will need to add $8 for the postage + $9 handling fee + sales tax if you are a Tennessee resident.   If you want to order a surprise package you must send us your request using the CONTACT tab.  We will respond to your request but you cannot order these packages through our website store.



Rockytop Gardens gift certificates are available in any denomination from $25.00 and up! 

We will create a certificate made out to the lucky recipient, listing you as the giver.  

You will need to send us your request using the CONTACT tab. In your message to us,  please state the recipient's name, the name of the person giving the certificate, the address and email address of the recipient and the dollar amount of the certificate and if it is for a special occasion.  The certificate will be mailed to the recipient, or if you prefer, can be  mailed to you, the giver. 

If you have questions, there are 4 ways to contact us.  Email is the most efficient!

email: phil@rockytopgardens.com OR rtgphil@gmail.com 

phone: 615-274-6426

fax: 615-274-6634

postal service: PO Box 41, Eagleville, TN  37060-0041



If you prefer ordering by mail or phone, please go to the home page and click the “Order Form” tab.  Fill out the order blank then phone us, email us or drop it in the mail.  We will manually record your order and advise you of your order total.    

email: phil@rockytopgardens.com OR rtgphil@gmail.com 

phone: 615-274-6426

fax: 615-274-6634

postal service: PO Box 41, Eagleville, TN  37060-0041



The descriptions below contain official terms from the American Iris Society Handbook for Judges and Show Officials used in iris descriptions.  The incredible variety of new color patterns as yet have no official terms of description and I am not informed enough to expand these unofficial terms.

AMOENA: white or near-white standards and colored falls

BICOLOR: standards and falls are of contrasting (different) color

BITONE: standards and fall of different tones of the same color

BLEND: Combination of yellow and one or more colors

NEGLECTA: light blue or violet standards and darker falls of the same color(s)

PLICATA: stitched margin color on a paler background

SELF: entire flower of uniform (same) color

VARIEGATA: yellow or near yellow standards with deeper falls in varied or solid tones of brown, purple, or red

STANDARDS: 3 upper petals of the flower

FALLS: 3 lower petals of the flower

HAFTS: area where falls adjoin the standards

BEARDS: fuzzy decoration at the top of falls

STYLES/STYLE ARMS: 3 upright segments enclosed by the standards