August 22, 2019

Dear Iris Friends:

Thank you for your many orders and response to our web offerings. Your many emails and letters bring smiles to our faces! Our website is closed for this season and we look forward to more varieties to be added next year.

Many varieties grown here never make it to our listings. Some varieties refuse to go dormant in our “freeze-and-thaw” winters … some panic in our heavy rainfall … and others are clearly the victim of a gardener who is not very bright! It is the tough and hardy survivors that we offer for sale!

We enjoy your emails, letters and phone calls. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions or comments.

Replanting will begin in a few short days. Weeding is non-stop as we rarely have snow cover in the winter and our coldest temperatures make only brief visits. There is always more than plenty to do for gardeners!

You are the best and we appreciate each and every one of you!


Phil Williams (or)

phone: 615-­274­-6426

fax: 615-­274-­6634

A very special thanks to the diligent and skilled iris hybridziers who labor and produce the amazing iris creations that we offer for sale. They provide their photos for your inspection and we are grateful to each of them. Their skills as both plant breeders and photographers make this web offering possible.

…….. Brad Collins, Bob Van Liere, Catherine Gates, Dave Niswonger, Jeanette Graham, Keith Keppel, Leslie &John Painter, Liz Schmidt, Nancy Price, Rick Tasco, Roger Duncan, Thomas Johnson and Tom Burseen