Dear Iris Friends:

Thank you for your many orders!

Your response to our offerings is much appreciated.  Our latest flush of orders reflects the ending iris bloom for our customers in the northern latitudes.   Shipments will begin in July and we anticipate ending sales for 2018 in July. 

The very late bloom season here has finally ended and the last of the bloom stalks were removed June 12th. I cannot remember a bloom season lasting so long in the past 56 years!

Our site has tabs that feature our 2018, 2017 and 2016 introductions. (Note that you cannot order the 2016 selections directly from these tabs. Please go to our A-R and S-Z store tabs to purchase these.) There is a tab for a simple price list of all varieties offered that you can print off for your information.  There is also a tab for an order form if you prefer to mail us your order and enclosing check, money order or credit card number.

Our variety descriptions have been expanded this year as a photo does not begin to describe important performance qualities. It is also an attempt to begin providing expanded information on our website that was limited in our printed catalog.

Many of our offerings have multiple photos that may show a stalk in flower or a blooming clump! Once you click on the flower of a variety in the A-R and S-Z store, you will see the same photo with descriptions. Look underneath the photo on this description page for “tiny” photos aka. “thumbnails.” When you click on them, each will then appear as a full size photo. If you have photos of any varieties we offer that you would like to share, email them to us at We will plug them into the site and include your much appreciated photos if they can survive the enlargement and illumination process. Pictures do speak volumes and certainly color intensity varies in differing climates.

Again, thank you for your purchases. We hope you enjoy the updates and expanded information on our website this year. Your comments and suggestions are desired and appreciated. We send wishes to you that your iris bloom season will be filled with sunshine and abundant bloom!

With all good wishes,

Phil Williams


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phone: 615-­274­-6426

fax: 615-­274-­6634