January 17, 2018

Dear iris Friends:

It was 5 degrees here this morning in the Nashville area and thank goodness there is a 2“ covering of snow! The sunshine predicted for today has disappeared and the sky is dark, spitting tiny icy flakes and we have two more nights of below freezing shivering to look forward to. The current cold temperatures this week are nearly identical to what we received a couple of weeks ago without snow cover.

We begin loading the website this week with our 2018 listings. A good photograph is probably “worth a thousand words” but it will never reveal the vitally important details of the plant habits, durability of the flower, bud count and branching.

Here in the southeast we get a variety of temperatures and can jump from below freezing to 70 degrees in 48 hours. Plants that have no genetic “signal” for remaining dormant in these fluctuating winter temperatures are never acceptable garden plants here. A lovely flower is of no value unless the plant has good perennial qualities.

Since we have discontinued the color catalog, we are adding observations on each variety pictured this year. I am a gardener first and I tend to describe colors in terms that are familiar to me--butter yellow, blueberry blue, etc. We hope these written descriptions will be helpful.

We replanted all stock in record time last fall in soil that has not grown irises before. We were very fortunate to have several soaking rains that seemed to jump-start root growth. Spring is just around the corner!

Our site will open sometime in February. You can visit this website any time during the loading process. This home page will announce when the site will be open and ready for accepting your orders.

Stay warm … and thank you for your visit!

Phil Williams

email: phil@rockytopgardens.com (or) rtgphil@gmail.com

phone: 615-­274­-6426

fax: 615-­274-­6634