2018 Introductions


DON'T TALK BACK (Steve Kelly 2018) TB, M, 36”. So named because of the bright, conspicuous orange beard(s) that seems to be sticking out like a tongue! The large, beautifully ruffled light pink standards are well held. The wide, flaring and ruffled falls are bright, intense purple. The heavy ruffles on the falls display the impression of pink edging, yet it displays the clean, intense pink reverse color of the petals. The stalks have excellently spaced, strong branches with 7-9 buds. An easy plant that multiplies quickly! It was the Best Seedling at the Rio Rancho Iris Show in 2014.

Seedling # PBD 09-4: (Paul Black X Decadence) $27.50


IRISH BLIZZARD (Nicodemus 2018) TB, ML-L, 36”.

Tall, strong, well branched stalks display flowers to perfection. The snow white standards and style arms are tinted very pale lavender when freshly opened, quickly becoming pure white; white based beards are tipped yellow-gold. Wide, lightly laced, semi-flaring falls are white with centers that have pale greenish veining as well as on the petal's undersides. Very hardy plants with clean foliage, there are 2-3 increases per year. So this is yet another perennial that needs dividing very infrequently! Strong stalks have 2 branches, spur and 8+ buds.

Seedling #MN824: (Irene's Song X Touching Moment) $27.50


NAVAJO CERAMICS (Barbara Nicodemus 2018) TB, E-EM-L, 35”.

The ruffled flowers are a rusty copper-gold blend with domed and touching standards. The style crests are veined rusty copper on the backside, centers and edges; the stigmatic lips are brighter copper-gold with darker rust-copper filaments. Ruffled, matching falls have orange beards, lightly tipped copper-gold. There is a strong flash of violet below the beards. The center of the copper falls are flushed gold with rust-copper veining, infused darker copper on hafts and shoulders. Our photo and description were recorded in a very very cool, wet season. The sun-fast, very colorful flowers make a wonderful garden clump. Very strong stalks with 7-8 buds, 2 branches and spur.

Seedling # UVO2D (Word Has It x Golden Panther) $27.50


NEW IMAGE (Barbara Nicodemus 2018) TB, EM-M, 28-30”.

Deep peach standards are crisp and upright; in cool seasons you will note strong orange highlights. There are frilled orange crests on the deep peach style arms. The ruffled falls are candlelight with soft mint-yellow veining that deepens toward the wide, sandy-peach rims; the midribs are mint-green and green is heavily apparent on the reverse of the fall petals. Beards are orange and tipped candlelight at tips. Super, disease-resistant plants produce stalks with 2 branches, spur and 7-8 buds. Very floriferous and bountiful bloom habits and lots of ruffles!. One of the hardiest tall beardeds I have hybridized to date. I love it!

Seedling # NS5B (Fogbound X Barbara My Love) $27.50