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Greetings in 2017 !!

As I write this message on Christmas Day, 2016, it is 73 degrees and the doors are open to fresh air.

It has been a most unusual year weather-wise for us.  Spring rains started to intensify and began pouring during peak bloom and did not stop.  The plants were as irritated and miserable as the proprietor!

As we began our September replant, the rains TOTALLY ceased ... and there was not a drop of rain until mid November.  The soil was powder dry and overhead watering for those two months did not settle the soil.  The Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee fought devastating forest fires.  We finally received good soaking rains just before our first hard freeze.

The website should be up and running in February.  We are adding a shopping cart to our site this year so that you may place your orders while sitting at your computer.  We have a total of 14 new iris introductions from Robert Piatek (Poland),  Igor Khorosh (Ukraine), Steve Kelly (New Mexico), Gary Biggs (New Mexico), Barbara Nicodemus (Missouri) and Don Mackendrick (Colorado).  We continuebringing you introductions with modern flower form that grow well.  Each one has been tested in climates with winter temperatures below 20 degrees and blistering summers.

There will be no print catalog in 2017.  Most of our new customers are from our website.  The "under 60" crowd carry their information today in the palms of their hands and want instant response!  Putting a catalog together requires months of writing, preparation, production  and more than a few thousand dollars in printing and postage costs.  We are preparing a printed list of our offerings for those who do not have computer access to the world wide web.

There are lots of new varieties available this year and it is always sad to say goodbye to some older varieties that no longer pay their room and board here.  Plant breeding is hard work and too few new breeders are appearing with most from the Pacific coast with longer growing seasons.  Our gardens need more solidly colored flowers in red, yellow, black, orange, white and brown!  Good flower form deserves special attention.

We look forward to receiving your orders.  If you have questions, the fastest response will be accomplished by email, but feel free to phone us when you need instant service. Our phones are answered 6 days a week and I spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Always wishing you a magnificent iris bloom come spring .. and the good health to weed, feed and enjoy working in your garden the entire year.  


Phil Williams


email: phil@rockytopgardens.com (or) rtgphil@gmail.com

phone: 615-­274­-6426

fax: 615-­274-­6634